Historical record

ESAFORM originates from the thematic network NUPHYMAT, Numerical and Physical Study of Material Forming Processes, built within the frame of the " Human Capital and Mobility " European Programme.
The originality of this network was to gather laboratories from Western and Eastern Europe involved in metal forming as well as in polymer processing, and to combine mechanical, physical and numerical approaches.

During the final meeting in Sophia Antipolis (June, 1996), it was suggested by Jean-Loup Chenot to continue and to amplify such a fruitful scientific collaboration by creating a European Scientific Association for Material Forming.

Following these discussions, ESAFORM was formally created in January 1997 as a non-profit French association, with the following objectives :

    * promoting applied research in University and Industry,
    * spreading scientific information,
    * developing education,
    * establishing links between Industry and University

in the field of material forming.

As any association, young ESAFORM had first to get organised. A Board of Directors was constituted and renewed at the General Assembly of March 1998. One of its first decision was to institute a Scientific Committee, with represenatives of the different European countries. This committee, which is the natural link between ESAFORM and the countries, has an advisory function for all scientific and technical matters and a role of promotion of ESAFORM.

To reach its goals, ESAFORM also needed communication tools. Therefore were created:

  • a Web server;
  • the International Journal of Material Forming (Springer), the official journal of ESAFORM;
  • a bulletin, in order to establish a concrete link between ESAFORM and its members. It intends to provide information on the life of the Association, on different European laboratories, on scientific and technical topics, and on specific events (conferences, courses, theses).

Since its creation, one of the major achievements of ESAFORM is its annual conference on Material Forming, devoted to all material forming processes and to all types of materials. (The ESAFORM Conferences)

Another major event in the life of ESAFORM is the creation of a scientific prize and an industrial prize. (The Esaform prizes)

ESAFORM has also developed activities in the field of education, e.g., by organising a round table on this subject during the first conference. The most salient result in that field is the organisation of short courses within the frame of the Conferences.

At the present time, ESAFORM does exist and is structured. It has demonstrated its specificity: really European, multi-materials and multidisciplinary. We have started a lot of activities. We have now to go ahead and to make, all of us, substantial efforts in the following directions:


  • increase ESAFORM membership;
  • increase IJMF readership;
  • increase the number of participants to our conferences;
  • develop activities in the education area, e.g., short courses and exchanges of students;
  • increase web site possibilities to exchange information about thesis, job offers, european projects;
  • develop european research.

in order to build, through mutual exchanges and common projects, a common European culture in the field of Material Forming.

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