ESAFORM supported thematic workshops

To provide the opportunity for engineers and scientists to share and discuss the recent developments and future perspectives of their research, ESAFORM promotes and supports the organization of thematic events, namely thematic workshops, highly focused on one precise topic (clearly related to material forming and without parallel sessions).

The topic of the workshop should be of current academic/industrial interest, not necessarily related to any existing mini-symposium of the ESAFORM Conference, but rather able to attract an international participation: 25-50 attendants working in this specific field are expected. A tangible participation of scientists from foreign centers with respect to the chairman is foreseen. Participants are not required to already be members of ESAFORM, but reasonably, they are expected to be interested in joining the ESAFORM network.


ESAFORM will support up to 2 proposals per calendar year and will:

  • publish the info concerning the workshop on ESAFORM website;
  • mail the workshop invitation to ESAFORM members;
  • pay an amount of 1000 € for each day of the workshop (for max 2 days)

The first two actions will be activated right after the (favorable) decision by the BoD, the third one right after the delivery/check of a short report on the workshop by the Chairman.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for this action, a thematic workshop must meet the following criteria:

  1. focus on material forming;
  2. strong affinity with ESAFORM scopes, here reminded:
    • promoting applied research in University and Industry;
    • spreading scientific information;
    • supporting education in material forming sciences in Europe
    • establishing links between Industry and University in the field of material forming
    • promoting the image of material forming
  3. no more than one proposal per year from the same applicant;
  4. one or more ESAFORM members in the organizing committee (not necessary the Chairman).

Selection criteria and decision

The applications will be continuously evaluated by the working group (WG7), while a decision, for each proposal, will be confirmed by the BoD during the meeting in Paris (September/October) or during the ESAFORM Conference (April/May).


Proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • pertinence with ESAFORM objectives and interests
  • expected audience (considering both ESAFORM members and non-members)
  • potential industrial/academic impact of the topic.

and a notification will be given to the applicant shortly after the Board meeting by the ESAFORM president.

What is expected:

In case of approval of the workshop proposal, the applicant will implicitly accept to carry out the required duties, i.e. to provide, at the end of the workshop, a short report about the event (short description of the activities, number of participants, affiliations by countries – no personal or sensitive data will be required).

How to apply?

Send a proposal to the President of ESAFORM indicating:

  1. topic of the workshop;
  2. name of the applicant/organizer;
  3. brief description (max. 2 pages) of the workshop, highlighting the topic and its relationship with ESAFORM interests, the expected audience, the industrial and academic impact;
  4. venue and date;
  5. name of the ESAFORM active members involved in the organization of the event.

The ESAFORM contribution is only payable to an account of the organizing institution (to be indicated in the proposal).

The applications must be sent by e-mail to:

Prof. Livan Fratini
President of ESAFORM
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone: +3909123861851


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