ESAFORM Mobility grant

ESAFORM offers a maximum of 5 grants, per calendar year, to support short term mobility of young researchers (PhD students or Post-Doc’s with less than 5 years after their PhD) with the aim of promoting the cooperation and the development of joint research activities between active ESAFORM members working in different countries. Activities to be carried out during the mobility period should be focused on research fields of the teams who supervise the young researcher. The hosting period should not be devoted to the preparation of proposals for funding, since the present Mobility Grant is different from the grant for project preparations (Proposal Writing Grant).

The Mobility Grant will cover a maximum of 2,500 Euros, to be transferred to the associated institutions and based on proofs of the mobility costs involved. The grant can also be used to cover the fees for the next ESAFORM conference for the young researcher (including associative fee) and his/her mission expenses (travel, accommodation…) for attending this next ESAFORM conference.

Eligibility criteria

To apply to the ESAFORM Mobility Grant, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The research activities to be carried out must clearly focus on material forming, and must be aligned to ESAFORM scientific interests and objectives;
  2. The duration of the mobility must be between 3 weeks and 3 months, with the reasonability/feasibility of the working plan during the indicated period being evident in the submitted research proposal;
  3. The applicant must be a PhD or a Post-Doc student, working in the research team of an ESAFORM active member. He/She must have in his/her Institution (“sending Institution”) a full-time work contract. The term “active member” indicates ESAFORM members who attended to at least 2 of the last 4 ESAFORM conferences. “Institution” can be either of industrial or academic character;
  4. The ESAFORM member in the “hosting Institution” must be an active member as well (see previous point);
  5. The sending and hosting Institutions must be in different countries, with the two teams not being linked by an agreement of joint PhD for the involved young researcher;
  6. A young researcher can receive this grant only once in his/her career, while his/her supervisors (from sending and hosting Institutions) can only apply once per two years.

Selection criteria and decision

If the eligibility criteria are met, priority will be given to applications characterized by higher levels of feasibility of the working plan, privileging longer duration mobility actions. The award decisions will be made at the meetings of the Board of Directors of ESAFORM, knowing that a maximum of 5 grants (Mobility + Proposal writing) are available each year. Proposal Writing grants have priority over Mobility Grants, as their eligibility criteria are more difficult to be met. The Board typically meets during the ESAFORM conferences (spring), as well as in the second semester (autumn), every year. The ESAFORM web site will give the updated information of the number of Grants left after spring and autumn decisions.

A notification will be given to the applicant, as well as to other ESAFORM members involved in the mobility action, after the Board meetings. Grants will be published at the ESAFORM homepage and the ESAFORM community will be orally informed about the decisions at the next conference.

What is expected

The beneficiaries must give a presentation focused on the obtained results/joint research at the next ESAFORM conference (proper visibility will be given to such presentations in the conference program). The presenting author (preferably the young researcher) should mention (in a pitch between 2 and 6 minutes) the grant and an overview of the mobility action, and then present his/her work. Finally, beneficiaries (young researchers and supervisors) should mention ESAFORM support in the acknowledgements of all publications that arise from the results, and other knowledge indicators created from the mobility action.

How to apply?

Send a grant application to the President of ESAFORM using the following template.

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. The mobility period (starting – ending dates)
  3. Name of the ESAFORM active members belonging to the sending and hosting Institutions involved in the activities
  4. Brief description (max. 2 pages) of the research context, the objectives to be pursued, and the working program to be carried out during the mobility period
  5. A declaration from the sending and receiving ESAFORM members, supporting the proposal and accepting the conditions, must be included in the application.

The grant is only payable to an account of the sending or hosting institution (to be indicated in the proposal).

The applications for 2020 must be sent, by e-mail, before March 15, 2020 or for the second round before September 15, 2020 to:

Prof. Livan Fratini

President of ESAFORM

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone: +3909123861851


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